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    Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    What is SurvJustice?

    SurvJustice is an organization working to provide justice for survivors of sexual violence through effective legal assistance, institutional policymaking and legislative lobbying.

    SurvJustice believes sexual violence will only decrease when society provides meaningful consequences for perpetrators and honors victims rights. To achieve this, our resources are focused on impact litigation and strategic systematic change. Specifically, SurvJustice works to change this reality by (1) providing effective legal assistance to victims of sexual violence through criminal, civil and administrative systems; (2) developing and improving institutional policies addressing sexual violence with research-based information and best practices; and (3) creating and enforcing victims rights through tactical legislative lobbying at local, state and federal levels. SurvJustice works to create a future where every sexual violence survivor will have the opportunity to receive legal justice.

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